Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Yerevan Solid Waste

Lead IFI
Solid Waste
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Not Signed Yet
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 2.00
IFI Loan 5.50
Other Grants 3.50
Total 11.00


The project aims at improving the solid waste management system in the city of Yerevan and surrounding regions through (i) construction of a new sanitary landfill; (ii) closure and rehabilitation of the existing Nubarashen landfill; and (iii) waste diversion/recycling components.

A landfill gas capture system implemented at the existing landfill to collect the accumulating landfill gas will be expanded and optimised to reduce the emissions of landfill gas, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. The collected landfill gas, which now is flared, will be used to generate electricity.

Thus the project will reduce the current adverse impacts on environment and public health from the current sub-standard waste disposal, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will contribute to climate change mitigation. Therefore, the project is prioritised by the City authorities in the Yerevan Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).


  • CO2 savings