Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Balti Trolleybus

Lead IFI
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 5.00
IFI Loan 20.00
TC 0.07
Local Contribution 5.00
Total 30.07


The project will expand and improve the City’s existing trolleybus network by (i) acquisition of up to 10 modern, low-floor, energy efficient and environmentally friendly trolleybuses with autonomous course (opportunity charging batteries to run on new, extended routes of the trolleybus network; (ii) acquiring technical maintenance vehicles; and (iii) rehabilitating old power supply infrastructure.

The project will promote the use of low-emission, electric transport by expanding access to energy-efficient trolleybus services. The new autonomous vehicles with battery systems will be able to travel off the existing electric network to service new areas of the City, partly replacing diesel bus services. The project will lead to GrHG and air pollution emissions reductions through this replacement of diesel bus transport, as well as by encouraging a switch from private to public transport for those in newly accessed areas.



  • CO2 savings of 2 370 tonnes over project life cycle
  • NOx reduction of 31,6 tonnes over project life cycle
  • PM reduction of 0,74 tonnes over project life cycle
  • Energy savings of up to 1.2 million kWh during 12 years
  • Improved municipality’s governance of the environmental issues via the development of a Green City Action Plan (”GCAP“).


Project status

Under implementation