Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Pledging event for E5P Fund in Belarus

Date : 07-12-2017

At the E5P Assembly of Contributors on 7 December 2017 in London, a number of donors announced their pledges to set up the E5P fund for Belarus.  The European Union informed of their intention to pay EUR 10 million allocated by the Board of the EU Neighbouring Investment Facility.  The EU wished that the pledged funds will help the country develop its priorities in the area of energy efficiency, environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions, and also help with the identification of projects which make a difference to the daily life of the citizens in the country. 

Sweden pledged SEK 50 million (approximately EUR 5 million) with a special emphasis on capacity building and institutional reforms, in particular achieving cost-recovery tariffs. A contribution from Germany of EUR 1 million was based on the good progress achieved by Belarus regarding reforms and climate change mitigation.  Poland pledged EUR 150,000 and Estonia EUR 60,000 encouraging further efforts by Belarus to step up energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and energy security. Belarus represented by Mr Genadiy Trubilo, Deputy Minister of Communal Services and Housing of Belarus expressed high appreciation for the E5P support and hoped for a productive cooperation to reach the E5P goals in the municipal development.

The E5P fund for Belarus starts its operations with EUR 17.21 million.  This amount includes a contribution from Belarus of EUR 1 million.  The Rules of the E5P fund require that a recipient country is also a contributor to the fund.  Further pledges are expected in the coming years based on good progress.