Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Ternopil District Heating Rehabilitation

Lead IFI
District Heating
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 5.00
IFI Loan 10.00
Local Contribution 3.00
TC 0.70
Total 18.70


The project objective is rehabilitation and modernisation of the district heating infrastructure in Ternopil as well as the optimisation of operations. The main measures would be to install IHSs equipped with heat meters in the buildings, upgrade the technical equipment in the boiler houses, replace obsolete parts of the networks with modern technology pipes and introduce state-of-the-art technology. The main objective is to reduce the usage of energy. This will be done by changing the consumer behaviour through tariff increases combined with consumption-based billing made possible by metering, and through optimising and improving efficiency and reliability of heat and hot water supply.


  • CO2 savings
  • Heat savings
  • Electricity savings
  • Water savings