Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Chisinau Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

Lead IFI
Energy Efficiency
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 5.00
IFI Loan 18.00
Local Contribution 7.96
TC 0.85
Total 31.81


The project will support the Municipality of Chisinau to implement a rehabilitation programme involving energy efficiency measures and covering public buildings and potentially residential buildings, depending on the results of a feasibility study. The investments will focus mainly on improvements to the building envelope (wall, roof, slab insulation, windows and door replacement), HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning). The programme will also include some individual energy efficiency measures with high economic return targeting lighting systems, heat distribution systems and the integration of renewable energy sources. These measures are expected to generate significant energy savings for the municipality. Moreover, some demand side management measures will be developed, in particular with regard to metering systems.

The project will also contribute to bringing the targeted buildings in line with international standards. In particular, attention will be paid to strengthening the structure of the building, ventilation works, in particular in hospitals, and removal of asbestos where needed, hereby increasing the health safety and comfort of the buildings for the residents.


  • CO2 savings
  • Electricity savings


Project status

Under implementation