Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership
Country Project Name Lead IFI E5P Grant Project Cost Sector
armenia Yerevan Street Lighting EBRD 1.90 6.60 Street Lighting
armenia Yerevan Solid Waste EIB 2.00 35.00 Solid Waste
armenia Kotayk and Gegharkunik Solid Waste Management EBRD 2.00 4.00 Solid Waste
armenia Yerevan Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings EIB 5.00 15.00 Energy Efficiency
armenia Gyumri Street Lighting EBRD 2.00 7.40 Street Lighting
armenia Yerevan Bus EBRD 5 30.07 Transport
azerbaijan Ganja Street Lighting EBRD 2.5 15.3 Street Lighting
belarus Puhovichi Solid Waste (CANCELLED) EBRD 2.00 7.00 Solid Waste
belarus 3rd Wave of Water Projects (CANCELLED) EBRD 4.30 20.82 Wastewater
georgia Energy Efficiency in Tbilisi Schools CEB 6.00 22.00 Energy Efficiency
georgia Tbilisi Bus COMPLETED EBRD 7.00 42.36 Transport
georgia Batumi Bus EBRD 1.50 5.80 Transport
georgia Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Georgia COMPLETED NEFCO 1.87 4.67 Energy Efficiency
georgia Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Schools in Mountainous Regions NEFCO 2.6 6.5 Energy Efficiency
moldova Balti District Heating COMPLETED EBRD 3.00 11.60 District Heating
moldova Chisinau Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings EBRD 5.00 26.10 Energy Efficiency
moldova Chisinau Solid Waste EBRD 5.00 31.81 Solid Waste
moldova Balti Trolleybus EBRD 1.20 4.79 Transport
moldova Balti District Heating Phase 2 EBRD 2 18.02 District Heating
moldova Energy Efficiency Refurbishment of Healthcare Institutions in 4 Districts in Moldova NEFCO 0.62 2.08 Energy Efficiency
moldova Moldova Solid Waste Programme Zone 5 EBRD 5.6 19.6 Solid Waste
moldova Moldova Energy Efficiency in Social Houisng CEB 6 34.2 Energy Efficiency
moldova Moldova Solid Waste Programme Zone 8 EBRD 5.4 20.58 Solid Waste
moldova Balti Mobility and Street Lighting EBRD 2.4 7.89 Transport
ukraine Mykolaiev Vodokanal Rehabilitation EIB 8.11 34.99 Wastewater
ukraine Zhytomyr District Heating Rehabilitation EBRD 5.00 17 District Heating
ukraine DemoUkraina Programme Phase 1 and 2 NEFCO 1.15 20.92 District Heating
ukraine Ternopil District Heating Rehabilitation EBRD 5.00 18.70 District Heating
ukraine Lviv District Heating Rehabilitation EBRD 10.00 40.60 District Heating
ukraine Dnipro Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings (ESCOs) COMPLETED EBRD 2.50 12.50 Energy Efficiency
ukraine EPC in Public Buildings in Kyiv COMPLETED NEFCO 1.50 9.30 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Zhytomyr Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings COMPLETED NEFCO 1.35 4.71 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Lutsk District Heating EBRD 4.4 17.4 District Heating
ukraine Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (UREEFF) COMPLETED EBRD 17.25 61.00 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Chernivtsi District Heating EBRD 4.00 17.00 District Heating
ukraine Lviv Wastewater Biogas EBRD 7.50 32.50 Wastewater
ukraine Chernivtsi Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings NEFCO 3.80 9.80 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings NEFCO 3.60 9.68 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Nordic Energy Efficiency and Humanitarian Support Initiative (NIU Programme) COMPLETED NEFCO 3.00 9.20 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Ukraine Higher Education EIB 10.00 81.00 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Kremenchuk Trolleybus COMPLETED EBRD 2.00 11.00 Transport
ukraine Kryvyi Rih District Heating EIB 6.40 38.00 District Heating
ukraine Lviv Solid Waste EBRD 10.00 43.60 Solid Waste
ukraine Mariupol Trolleybus COMPLETED EBRD 3.00 17.21 Transport
ukraine Lutsk Energy Efficiency in Public Buldings COMPLETED NEFCO 1.30 7.60 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Horishni Plavni District Heating NEFCO 1.52 7.83 District Heating
ukraine Ukraine Public Buildings Energy Efficiency EIB 4 403.2 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Dnipro Public Buildings Energy Efficiency EBRD 7.5 39.1 Energy Efficiency
ukraine Capital repair of seven IHSs and replacement of the heating system in municipal buildings in Kyiv NEFCO 1 8.25 Energy Efficiency
ukraine CEB Energy Efficiency
ukraine CEB Energy Efficiency