Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Balti District Heating COMPLETED

Lead IFI
District Heating
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 5.00
IFI Loan 20.00
TC 1.10
Total 26.10


The EBRD loan and the investmen grant from E5P financed the modernisation and upgrade of the district heating srevices in the City of Balti. The investment aimed to improve service levels, reduce consumption of natural gas and coal and help the district heating company maintain its customer base. The project resulted in significant energy efficiency improvements as a result of customer controlled heat supply, improved efficiency of generation capacity, increased electricity co-generation and reduced losses in the distribution network. After implementation of the project the reduction in operating costs and improved energy efficiency leaded to significantly lower tariffs compared to what they would be without the project.

The project has a significant demonstration effect in the region serving as an example of the introduction of innovative energy efficiency solutions with high environmental benefits. The project also contributed to consumer awareness, stakeholder engagement and transparency and will be an important component in the on-going policy dialogue with Moldovan authorities.


  • CO2 savings
  • Electricity savings
  • Natural Gas savings  
  • Full cost recovery tariffs (including investment costs)
  • Transparency in tariff setting
  • Billing linked to actual consumption
  • Transparent service agreement


Project status