Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Capital repair of seven IHSs and replacement of the heating system in municipal buildings in Kyiv

Lead IFI
Energy Efficiency
E5P Assembly Approval
Grant Signed
Not Signed Yet
Financing (MEUR)
E5P Grant 1.00
IFI Loan 5.00
Local Contribution 0.95
Other Grants 1.30
Total 8.25


The project will repair and modernise IHSs and rehabilitate space heating systems in municipally owned kindergartens and schools in the city of Kyiv.  The project results will be:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions via improved energy efficiency leading to fuel and cost savings.
  • Establishing long term functionality of a large number of IHSs and increasing comforts level in public buildings used by over 186,000 persons.
  • Prevention of vast negative consequences from breakdown of indoor heating systems.
  • Increasing the resilience of the facilities of war impacts by introducing the possibility to operate heating systems in reduced consumption mode and during power cut-offs.


  • Improved energ efficency in provision of district heating services, reduced fuel consumption and consecutive CO2 emissions.
  • CO2 savings 694 t p/a
  • Heat enery saving 8,274 MWh p/a
  • Improved resilience to war-induced consequences in heat/power supply
  • Improved education serices of IDPs